This year roughly 26 million U.S. employees will struggle to start the process of finding a new job. We know this process is painful and we want to fix it.

According to a Gallup Poll, 70% of Americans are not engaged at work. Further, according to this Gallup Poll reporting, 50% of U.S. employees are actively searching for a job. With almost 130 million (full time) American workers, the U.S. has roughly 20% of employed Americans, 26 million people, dissatisfied at work, but not actively looking for a job. Why!? This amount of dissatisfaction in the workplace, yet lack of action, underscores the difficulty inherent to one of the most daunting and anxiety-inducing tasks one can take on: beginning a job search.

There is no shortage of advice of how to find a job. Thousands of articles and websites exist to educate people on where to start, how to prepare, and who to talk to when searching for a job. However, the theme underlying all of the advice is the same, and points to exactly what we at Wuhu feel is the most prohibitive part of this process: you have to do all of the repetitive and time consuming work on your own!

Even the current #1 job site in the world highlights you doing the work (and yes, we are aware we linked you to our competition): “When you find a job posting that you think is a great fit for you, make sure to read the entire job description and follow directions.” In short, even with all of their “advanced” search filters for their millions of job postings on their top website, you are still required to painstakingly sift through all 250 million job posts and endless recruiter contacts (the noise) and somehow find your dream job. The #1 job website in the world can’t help you filter the noise and get a job!

Wuhu and our proprietary AI Guru will fix this problem for you, and it is painfully easy to use.

Your personal AI Guru is created when you open a Wuhu candidate profile and will in turn use Natural Language Processing to screen written correspondence of any recruiter and as well as screen any website job posting with which you want to connect. You never have to talk to a recruiter again to screen a job opportunity.

As your personalized AI tool, the Guru eliminates the pain of creating profiles and uploading resumés across multiple platforms. Instead, your Guru answers recruiter screening questions with your anonymized profile, in addition to proactively looking for new jobs posted on Wuhu Careers own job board.

Do not be one of those 26 million people stuck in a job they hate. Create your Guru now to do all the work and be your personal job hunting agent focused only on what matters in your career: you.

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