Have you ever been contacted by, or proactively reached out to, a recruiter? Then you know the immediate feeling of being unprepared, intimidated, or shuffled into an online screening procedure which you don’t have time to complete – frustrating! Further, when (or if) you finish the initial screening, you have no more information about the company or role than when you started. Balancing personal vetting of opportunities on one side while trying to put your best foot forward on the other is a painfully frustrating task. A task which Wuhu has been specifically designed to eliminate for the active or “curious” job-seeker.

Recruiting is a US$200 Billion global market. A Google search for “recruiting” provides you pages of companies providing recruiting software geared towards recruiters and companies trying to fill jobs through a broken, one-sided process. All of these tools, platforms, and sites are solely focused on helping the demand-side of the market, recruiters and job posters, to screen, evaluate, and communicate with thousands of potential candidates, daily.

However, Wuhu knows first hand that these recruiter tools leave valuable talent (you) feeling isolated, frustrated, and un-empowered in a process inherently centered around your career. Particularly frustrating is when your skillset is in high demand, yet you are still at the mercy of manually searching for jobs on career websites, which only factor in current or previous experience, interests, location preferences, etc. or dealing with recruiter screening tools.

There has been no agent for you, the candidate, until we created Wuhu.

Wuhu does the heavy lifting for you. Wuhu is your personal AI Guru that will screen recruiter job postings and solicitation messages (on LinkedIn Messenger, email, etc) to find the right match for your profile and interests. Once matched, Wuhu provides you seamless communication channels to ensure a professional and tailored introduction.

At Wuhu, we understand the challenges that come with recruiting, regardless of which side of the conversation you find yourself. Wuhu was cofounded by a seasoned recruiter with 25 years in the industry, a data science-focused software engineer who, until Wuhu, was the un-empowered and frustrated candidate, and a business school graduate who has experienced and conquered the numbing recruitment process of top global service and technology companies.

We believe the recruiting industry needs to be reimagined and realigned to empower candidates. Wuhu exists to put the power in the hands of the candidate.

Create an account today and take control of your career search. Recruiters, create a company profile and post on our jobs board here.

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