At Wuhu, we help candidates connect with hiring companies so that they can find a career that is perfect for them, all while keeping the connection anonymous. We use advanced data science techniques commonly referred to as “AI”, which can be a daunting buzzword at times that has huge repercussions in the real world.

The hiring industry is fiercely competitive, not only for the candidates trying to find their dream career, but also for the companies attempting to help those candidates land that dream career. You will find that there are companies looking for a magic wand to help improve their hiring process, which allows some companies in Wuhu’s industry to abuse AI in the worst way, in order to make a quick buck.

This is why we think it’s important to lay out our code of AI ethics. We want to make it crystal clear that we are on a mission to eliminate historically bias hiring practices by matching candidates to careers anonymously, only revealing identifying information after the interview has been scheduled, and doing so by using the power of AI.

Our code of ethics is derived from the “open letter” to the UN Convention of Certain Convential Weapons (here is a good summary of the letter) signed by leaders in the field. Although Wuhu is not a weapon per se, our AI will have vast implications on thousands of people’s lives and careers, making it just as important to publicly layout our AI code of ethics:

AI must be a force for good – and diversity

This means that Wuhu will never use anything to train our AI that can lead to discrimination against race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, protected veteran status, or any other legally protected basis, in accordance with applicable law.

We focus on objective criteria like career goals, current skillset, desired skillset, desired technologies you want to work with, past experience, desired job titles, desired salary, and where you want to work. We will never use profile pictures, facial recognition, gender, age, religion, local, or anything else that has historically leads to bias within the hiring process.

The attributes Wuhu uses are then used to recommend candidates to companies and companies to candidates, all while keeping the candidate information anonymous. This is also used to create a representational chatbot that can facilitate conversations between both candidates and companies.

Intelligibility and fairness

This means that Wuhu will always be fully transparent with how we are using our AI to recommend companies to candidates and candidates to companies.

Eventually, our AI will be able to talk to companies on behalf of candidates, and to candidates on behalf of companies. Once implemented, there will be full transparency of what is training our AI to represent each entity.

Data protection

Data protection is of utmost importance at Wuhu and we take it very seriously. You have permission to fully delete all of your data and delete your account, at any point. This also means removing your data from training our AI, it is your data and you have the right to remove it from our platform.

Flourishing alongside AI

AI is an extremely powerful tool that will help thousands of candidates and companies connect, eventually facilitating conversations between both entities. Wuhu will always aim to empower our candidates and companies, let the AI be just a tool to help you achieve the goal of finding your dream career or finding qualified candidates.

Confronting the power to destroy

Even though this doesn’t sound like it applies to Wuhu’s AI, it does fall into the category of not building AI that is purposely deceiving to humans. Wuhu’s AI will never be purposely trained to deceive any human, it will objectively represent no matter the condition.

As Wuhu builds out our AI capabilities, we will always have this code of ethics in the core of our code, no matter the cost. We will stay true to our goal of connecting candidates and companies, faster, all while making sure we do so in an ethical manor.

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